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Jeff's Blog
Sunday, 30 March 2008
Spring Fling in Iran ? -- Updating World War III
More great insight from our friend Captain May:
Spring Fling in Iran ? -- Updating World War III
By Captain Eric H. May
Intelligence Correspondent
The very term "global war" is a mere euphemism for World War III.  We are caught up in it now, a vast struggle with no end in sight.  The 2008 United States presidential election won’t change things, since it will simply pit a Republican who truly promises a war without end against a Democrat who falsely promises to end the war.  It will be a meaningless coin toss: heads, war wins; tails, peace loses.
Many intellectuals, both those far to the right and far to the left, agree about this much.  They also agree about the beginning date for the ongoing world war: September 11, 2001.
From a right-wing perspective, 9/11 is the day Al Qaeda terrorists carried out a new Pearl Harbor attack against us.  A righteous sense of national unity ushered in a "post-9/11 reality," and introduced words and concepts now familiar to all of us.  We were protecting our "Homeland" by creating a "Patriot Act" and a "Department of Homeland Security."  We were conducting a "Global War on Terror" against an "Axis of Evil" led by "Islamofascists," before they could carry out an even more devastating attack against us.  The UK and Israel were our best friends in the "Generational War" that had been thrust upon us.
The left wing believes that 9/11 was the day when an imperial US establishment carried out a "false flag" attack against us, then blamed it on Middle Eastern Muslims.  They believe that all the institutions, idioms and ideas born after 9/11 were conceived long before 9/11, and were simply the means whereby a US-based Anglo-Judeo junta could carry out World War III to seize control of the world's dwindling oil supplies and impose a final solution to the Israeli-Arab conflict.  They believe that if there is another 9/11-style attack, it will be carried out by the same imperial establishment that carried out 9/11, and may well bring about martial law, the draft and nuclear war.
Whether World War III was something the Middle East forced upon us, or something we forced upon the Middle East , we are in the middle of it now.  Geostrategists have aptly named it "The Quicksand War," because the more we struggle in it, the deeper we sink into it.  Six years after Bush and his Neocons claimed that they had won the war in Afghanistan , we are still fighting there.  Five years after they claimed to have won the war in Iraq , we are still fighting there, too.  At present, they claim that they have no intention of beginning a war in Iran , even though they regularly remind us that Iran is an original member of the Axis of Evil and an inveterate enemy of Israel .
Before the invasion of Iraq -- while Bush and the Neocons claimed that they were looking for a diplomatic solution to avert the war -- Washington insiders from the government and media whispered among themselves that the road to Jerusalem led through Baghdad .  This meant that success in Iraq would solve the problems of Israel , and it proved that insiders who whispered that the war was all about oil and Israel were correct.  Needless to say, those insiders didn't trouble the American people with their knowledge of the ulterior motives behind the war, nor did they let on that all the posturing and debating about the pending war was a sham.
Given the willingness of our leaders to trick the American people into a war with Iraq five years ago, is there any good reason to believe that they are now being honest about wanting to keep the American people out of a war with Iran ?  Have they decided that the only way to win the failing war is to enlarge it?  Have they dusted off the propaganda plan entitled Starting a War with Iraq and changed it, by a single letter, to Starting a War with Iran?
Many insiders believe that the Bush administration has already promised Israel and the Jewish lobby a war with Iran before it leaves office in January, 2009.  That may be so, and there are strong indicators that this spring may have been chosen to begin the war.  My purpose in enumerating them is not to predict an attack on Iran this spring, but only to examine them the possibility of such an attack.
Iraq is deteriorating.  General Petraeus will perform for Congress next week, doing another Pinocchio imitation as he pretends that he is not a puppet -- or is, at any rate, a puppet without strings attached.  It will be a tough act to pull off, though, as Bush's favorite general will have to explain just why it is that, after we have maxed out our military to conduct a surge, the three biggest cities in Iraq are in turmoil.  Mosul , Baghdad and Basra are all exploding -- as is the US "Green Zone," which has come under heavy fire in the last week.  It will be even more interesting if anyone has the gumption to ask him how he can call the surge a success when the Turks are attacking the Kurds in northern Iraq and the Iranian president is welcomed like a savior in the streets of Baghdad.  Petraeus may be tipping Bush's hand by saying that Iran is to blame for the crisis in Iraq .
Israel is mobilizing.  The Jewish state will conduct the largest domestic defense exercises in its history beginning April 6 and lasting all week.  Defense exercises can be indicators of offensive intentions, and an attack on Iran may well be in the works.  It's far-fetched to suppose that the Israelis are worried about an unprovoked Iranian attack against them, since Israel is one of the world's most potent military powers.  It has plenty of state-of-the-art US equipment and a nuclear arsenal of around 200 warheads (another little bit of reality kept from the American people by its leaders).
The hawks are flying.  Earlier this month, Dick Cheney flew to the Middle East to visit Iraq , and then confer with amiable Persian Gulf oil monarchs before reporting to Israel .  The last time Cheney made the rounds with these Arabian petro princes was just before the invasion of Iraq .  Ominously, the day after his visit to Saudi Arabia , that country's controlled media reported that its government was making plans to react to nuclear fallout blowing its way from Iran .
John McCain flew to Iraq for long enough to conflate Iran with Al Qaeda.  He repeated the conflation in Israel .  McCain apologists suggest a string of senior moments, but his comments suggest that Iran is a target.  McCain is an Israeli favorite because he is the son of Admiral John McCain, the officer in charge of the Navy cover-up of the 1967 Israeli attack on the USS liberty.  Israeli airplanes and patrol boats strafed and torpedoed the Liberty to sink it and kill all survivors.  It was a classic false flag operation, assisted by the Johnson administration, intended to be blamed on Egypt to bring us into the 1967 Middle Eastern war.  The Israelis may be counting on the old saying "like father like son."
Jewish Joseph Lieberman chaperoned the fuzzy-brained McCain, and whispered guidance into his ear from time to time.  Lieberman was a key senator in starting a war with Iraq , and he has thrown his weight behind those who want to start a war with Iran .  The 2000 Democratic vice presidential candidate enjoys media Teflon treatment for his Neocon-ism, but much of the Internet alternative media considers him an Israel-firster.
Sense has been sacked.  Bush forced Admiral "Fox" Fallon, the CENTCOM commander, from command on March 11.  Fallon was laudable for two strong opinions.  The first was that Petraeus, his subordinate, was an odious Bush League sycophant, "an ass-kissing little chicken shit," to be specific.  The second was that a war with Iran was a bad idea, and that the people who are pushing for it were not considering the national interest -- or at any rate not the US national interest.
These are troubling signs in troubled times.  With April Fools' Day just around the corner clever people should remind themselves that history -- including current history -- has always been full of the same stale jokes.  The setups are the same, but no one remembers; and the punchlines are predictable, but no one sees them coming.
Three generations ago an actor on the world stage explained it all to perfection:
“Naturally the common people don't want war; neither in Russia , nor in England , nor in America , nor in Germany . That is understood. But after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.” -- Reichsmarschall Hermann Goering
# # #
Captain Eric H. May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer.  His essays have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.  For his most recent articles and upcoming interviews, refer to his home site at:

Posted by jeffandmikeshow at 9:54 AM
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Tuesday, 19 February 2008
Figuring out Mitt Mormon
Here's a guest enrty from "Brother Jim" enjoy:

If Mitt Mormon was such a big conservative, then why did he throw all his support to McCain the liberal? Why didn't he throw his support and delegates to Huckabee as the next most likely conservative to win? or to Ron Paul, who is also a conservative? Instead he handed McLiberal all of his delegates and may have handed him the nomination. Had Mitt Mormon handed his delegates to Huckabee, it would be a real two man race. Of course if conservatives vote for Huckabee, then McLiberal may not win another state, and the convention will be open to select a nominee, rather than forcing John McLiberal down our throats.

Answer: because Mitt Mormon is a liberal posing as a conservative. How could any honest conservative hand their delegates to, I meant McLiberal? They couldn't! Mitt does not have a track record as a conservative and just recently flipped or flopped some of his issues to the conservative side.

Mitt is also very bitter about losing to an evangelical Christian in Huckabee. Since Mitt is a full on Mormon, and believes that when he passes on from this earth that he will inherit his own planet as a good Mormon male that he can rule and reign over, it is inconceivable for his ego to fathom that he could lose to a Christian, since according to his own Mormon belief, all flavors of Christianity (be it Protestant, Catholic, or Orthodox) are flawed and blasphemous religions. Only Mormonism is correct if you're a Mormon.

Yes, that is what Mormons believe...along with their belief that Jesus is the brother of Lucifer the Devil, and Jesus is not the eternal God. Not to mention this one that Catholics especially would love...the Mormons believe that Mary was Not a Virgin, because she had physical sex with the Mormon male Elohim who came here from another Mormon planet. Of course in the Bible the name Elohim is one of the Hebrew names for God. This is why there could never be a serious evangelicals for Mitt Mormon campaign...hell would have to freeze over before Christians vote for someone who thinks he will be soon be god on his own planet...usually people like that end up in straight jackets and living in nice white padded cells...but that is really Mormonism, and that is Mitt's true belief!

Posted by jeffandmikeshow at 4:07 PM
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Sunday, 16 September 2007
A guest Blog from our friend Captain May
Petraeus with a Kiss
(A Critical Review)
By Captain Eric H. May
Military Correspondent
Petraeus the Prima Donna
"An ass-kissing little chickenshit ... I hate people like that."
Admiral William Fallon talking about General David Petraeus
Give credit where credit is due.  This week General Petraeus fully understood his role when he came to Washington.  His costume was dazzling, bedecked with nine rows of fruit salad and a fine collection of qualification badges.  His spit shined shoes creaked with excitement, but his expression was as firm as his comb-over hairdo, and he was ready.
The four-star wanted to put on a stellar performance for a sold-out Congress.  Everything was at stake, and everyone knew it.
Congress was a good crowd, especially when you consider that two thirds of the American people, whom they are supposed to represent, now oppose the war.  Two thirds of the Iraqi people believe that the surge has only made things worse, and a majority of them think that shooting an American G.I. is an act of national liberation.
Congress gave Petraeus the best help they could by scheduling his performance for the day before and the day of 9/11, when (they hoped) there would still be some residual patriotic sentiment in favor of continuing to kill Arabs and call it democratization.  The House Armed Services Committee started things off favorably by letting the general appear without bothering to take an oath to tell the truth.  They didn't trip him up with inconvenient details, such as recently released reports that our Iraq war has cost a million Iraqi lives, and has displaced several more millions from their cities and country.  When his performance dragged, they allowed him numerous ad libs on how Al Qaeda and Iran were responsible for the force of the Iraqi resistance.
Unflappable, though, uncreative, the general competently danced solo around most of the issues.  He was pretty much flawless in his falsehoods, and he showed it from the start with an almost convincing denial that his performance had been choreographed in advance by the White House.  Petraeus has a natural aptitude for faking sincerity, which is the hardest part of any art.  Indeed, it was his ability to take direction that earned him his prima donna role in the first place.
Sometimes he partnered with less gifted performer Ambassador Ryan Crocker.  On a few embarrassing occasions, Crocker fell down altogether, and there he would lie.   One egregious moment came after he was asked whether he had indeed said that it might be a good thing if Iraq's Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki were removed from office.  Completely nonplussed, Crocker awkwardly danced around in circles without ever getting anywhere.  When he finally recovered, the best you could say was that he had avoided mentioning that al-Maliki a month ago demanded that Petraeus be removed from Iraq by the White House
Watching the faux pas de deux from home on their television sets, unkind wags shouted "Betray Us with a Crock!"  This was punishing pun.
Petraeus stumbled badly once, when Republican Senator John Warner, one of the few remaining World War II veterans in Congress, asked him if the war for Iraq was good for America.  Caught flat-footed, the general admitted that he didn't know.  The White House press agencies who call themselves U.S. mainstream media have been working overtime to distract the American public from this singular faux pas.
Boo birds like Cindy Sheehan and the Code Pink crowd interjected the inconvenient voice of opposition into the Congressional hearings.  The protesters had no appreciation for bureaucratic ballet, and committed such barbarisms as calling out for peace during the war performance, and screaming "Lies!" and "Liar!" when the liars were lying. 
The masses often get in the way of the official massacres called wars, and they must be mastered.  Sheehan and supporters were escorted out by police ushers, with promises of prosecution from a Congressional leadership who wanted to make it clear that in these United States no crimes will go unpunished -- except for war crimes, that is.
Ghost Troops in the Gallery
"You are only interested in your career and provide no support to your staff -- no mission support and you don’t care."
Colonel Ted Westhusing to General David Petraeus
Unkind readers of this review may accuse me of prejudice in favor of the Army and against the State Department, but that's not the case.  I say without hesitation that General Petraeus outperformed Ambassador Crocker, and I believe that I am qualified to judge officer/ambassador tandems.
Ambassador Chase Untermeyer of Qatar is a longtime friend of mine.  In 1996 he introduced me to the political team of Texas governor George W. Bush as a prospective speechwriter.  In 2002, Untermeyer was the best man at my wedding.  At his own request, he joined my cyber intelligence Internet unit, Ghost Troop, in 2003 and served as unit chaplain for the next three years.  Proud of his Jewish roots, he was a precious talisman for me against the incessant claims that Ghost Troop's anti-Zionist analysis meant we had an anti-Semitic attitude.   He was brilliant in dancing around the issue of how all a man could be in the Bush circle and a member of the cyber resistance at the same time.   His performance as chaplain was a tour de force, and is the standard against which I judge all other performers.
I can only dream of Ambassador Untermeyer and Admiral Fallon of CENTCOM appearing together before Congress!  Should they do so, I promise to personally represent Ghost Troop in the gallery.  While there, I won't fail to mention our most honored comrades, each of them inducted into our unit posthumously.  Service members all, they share a common bond of strange deaths and strained official accounts of their deaths.  As I watched the bureaucratic ballet this week, I thought of them as spectral spectators.
Colonel Ted Westhusing was a West Point ethics professor who volunteered for service in Iraq and was assigned to keep an eye on the USIS mercenary corporation for Petraeus, who was then a three-star lieutenant general.  Westhusing made strong allegations of corruption against the corporation, and of careerism against his commander.  Shortly afterward, on June 5, 2005, he died from a bullet wound to the head.  The Bush military and Bush media claimed that he was a suicide.  He is the most senior officer to have died in Iraq.
Specialist Alyssa Peterson was a Mormon missionary before volunteering for the Army in the wake of 9/11.  She studied Arabic in the same Defense Language Institute where I studied Russian some two decades ago, and was serving in Iraq as an interrogator in September of 2003.  This is when Major General Geoffrey Miller began to "Gitmo-ize" the interrogation system in Iraq with the torture tactics later exposed at Abu Ghraib and other detention facilities.  Spec. Peterson refused to go along with the new program, and two days later, on September 15, 2003, official records state that she died from a “non-hostile weapons discharge.”  Later on, they said that she was a suicide.

Specialist Pat Tillman, the ex-NFL player who joined the Army after 9/11, was killed on April 24, 2004.  This put a quick halt to the Ranger's process of revolt against the Iraq war.  He had begun to call our invasion criminal to his cohorts as he urged them to vote against Bush in the upcoming presidential election.  At first he was lionized by officials liars as a combat casualty, then later explained away as a tragic friendly fire victim.  The latest version of investigations has it that he was shot three times in the forehead by an M-16 at a range of 10 yards.
Sergeant Omar Mora and Sergeant Yance Gray died together in a vehicle accident on Monday, Sept. 10, the first day the Petraeus performance.  They were two of the seven noncoms from the 82nd Airborne Division who last month co-wrote an op-ed for the New York Times that contradicted the Bush/Petraeus urge to surge.  Another of the co-authors, Staff Sergeant Jeremy Murphy, was shot in the head while the piece was still pending with editors.
Airman 1st Class Todd Blue died on Monday, Sept.10 as well.  He was part of the 5th Security Forces Squadron at Minot Air Force Base, which was connected with the B-52 bomber wing that locked and loaded nuclear weapons over America on Aug.30.  The official account of the nuclear incident was so patently false that I made it the theme of my column last week, Loose Nukes Looming Near.  Early reports are that Airman Blue will be labeled a suicide. 
Every time a new war show opens in Washington the service members above will be the Ghost Troops in the gallery.  They paid the ultimate price for their tickets to the performance, and they represent a hit parade of honorable patriots.  They are the most eloquent witnesses of how Bush defies all odds in getting even with dissenters, and they know well that behind this presidential ass is Petraeus with a kiss.
# # #
Captain May is a former Army military intelligence and public affairs officer, as well as a former NBC editorial writer. His political and military analyses have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The Houston Chronicle and Military Intelligence Magazine.  Five months ago The Lone Star Iconoclast published an interview with him about General Petraeus that has proved to be prescient:
A May Day Interview with Captain Eric H. May
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Posted by jeffandmikeshow at 9:42 AM
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Sunday, 20 May 2007

The Browning of America

Well its Immigration reform round dos. This time the white house and Teddy Kennedy and gag put this one together to present a “bi-partisan” bill. Any American with a functional brain can agree that our borders need tightening for national security in these threatening times. The bill takes some steps in enforcing our boarder to the south
(the northern boarder needs a good looking at as well). The bill isn’t the complete fix for boarder security but some action is better then none. Secondly this bill deals with the undocumented individuals that are in our country. The hysterical knee-jerk response from much of my fellow conservative talk show hosts is to scream “no amnesty!” But this is response to totally dishonesty since its totally unfeasible as well as undesirable. We do not have the practical wherewithal to round up every illegal to deport. Such action would also bring the current cultural tensions in this country to a destructive boil. The fact is, we need these workers who are willing to do the jobs which Americans (including and especially teenagers) will not consider. Another fact is that we are an aging nation. We are at the point in this country of having more white Americans die every year than there are white Americans being born. That means the white majority in this country is shrinking and will not be able to support this economy as it did in the past. Bob Grant, the “Dean of talk radio in
New York”, used the term “the browning of America” back in the 70’s. He saw the inevitable. That the white people are having smaller and smaller families and some opting to skip family life altogether, while minority groups (yes mostly Hispanic) typically have rather large families. Couple this with the fact that white Europeans for the most part are uninterested in immigrating to the US. Let’s face it most Europeans look down their noses at us and view America as the big problem in the world today. So with the white American population shrinking and white Europeans not interested in coming to live here, where are we going to find the people to come to the US to pick-up the slack in the work force? The majority (legal and not) are coming from south of the boarder and Asia. As massive amounts of our public (the baby boomers) will be retiring and putting a stress on our government's finances like never before, we need this influx of workers to meet the needs. So the illegals have not been destroying our economy as many claim pushing phony number and stats to enrage the public, but in fact they have been helping to prop up the economy. The employers who have hired them know this fact. The problem with the current reform bill in comparison to last year’s bill is that I haven’t seen any requirement for those that will be naturalized to attend English classes as well as a basic US civics class. Let’s not just make them legal but let’s make them Americans. We will not lose the great heritage of this country if we make the effort to teach all immigrates, our language and our heritage. I know Republicans believe making 12 million illegals will be the death blow to their party, believing they will vote democrat. First of all just because your legal to be here does not mean you’re a citizen and have the right to vote. That takes some more effort. Secondly, this means that the Republican Party will have to get off its duff and make an effort to convince these new voters that they are the party that will benefit their lives best. And yes I do believe it can be done. I hesitate to make this point but I know no one else will. We also need more young able bodies to serve in our armed forces. Not only is the legal population shrinking, our numbers in uniform is not enough for the coming military challenges. We will have to bring back the draft shortly and we need the numbers in the country to fill that need. Let’s stop demonizing a segment of our population as the Nazis did with the Jews in Germany and be honest about our needs and the inevitable. We can not meet the changes of the near future if we will not tell ourselves the truth.

Posted by jeffandmikeshow at 6:07 PM
Updated: Sunday, 20 May 2007 6:25 PM
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Friday, 13 April 2007
Imus RIP

I never met Don Imus, but in many ways I feel I know the man. I first started listening to him when I was a grade schooler in New Jersey. He was a morning top 40 jock who was simply the best at what he did and that’s why he was ”The Guy” in the number one market. What made him so addictive was his raw honesty about his life and his opinions (presented in through humor). I’m not ashamed to admit that Imus has been an influence and inspiration to me and my love of radio. Imus’s life has been a journey to say the lest. He started out spinning vinyl and calling women out of the phone book and asking them what they were wearing. He grew into becoming one of the most powerful people in the media winning three Marconi Awards, two for Major Market Personality of the Year (1992 and 1997) and one for Network Syndicated Personality (1994). He was inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame in 1989. In 2002, Talkers magazine ranked Imus as one of the greatest radio talk show hosts of all time. Top politicians, authors, and news makers all clamored to get on Imus’s show. His show may have not been the highest rated show in his market but it was the top billing show in the market. That meant highly educated people with lots of money listened to his show and Imus was attracting high end advertisers and making boo-coo buck for the station and himself. Imus’s personal passion became running a ranch for kids with cancer (kids of all color).  Now I’m not saying Imus is some kind of a saint. He has an unabashed satirical sense of humor and no love for phonies. But this I do know….Imus is no bigot!

The girls of the Rutgers basketball team were injury far more by the actions of Sharpton and Jackson then the ethnic joke by Imus. Let’s face it, if the two self serving big mouths did not blow this whole situation out of proportion who would have heard Imus’s comment? Only his listeners ( who do not included the women on the Rutgers basketball team no doubt), would have heard what Imus said and would not given it a second thought since they are familiar with Imus’s brand of satirical wit. Life would have gone on for all involved with out harm. Instead the two blood sucker named Sharpton and Jackson saw an opportunity to exploit the women of the Rutgers team and forever equating them with being “Nappy headed Hos”. Anyone with objective judgment that heard Imus say those words would know right off the bat, his intend was to get a laugh not to racially slur those women. I do believe Sharpton and Jackson know this fact as well but purposely cried racism and harm to once again force themselves into the lime light and bring down the enemy, a white man. These two walking societal diseases are the true blue bigots in this case, causing great harm to the Rutgers women and to a far more honorable man, Don Imus. Must I remind us all that it was Jackson that call New York City, “Hymie Town” and it was Jackson that said that when he was a waiter in his younger days, he used to spit in the white folks food. And remember the Tawana Brawley lie that Sharpton propagated to once again attack his enemy, the white man. These creeps are self hating blacks who do their race a great disservice by displaying their belief that the only way for black people to again power is to play the victim and demonize the white race in every turn. Unfortunately the media and big business give these two carpet baggers a stage and credibility that they do not deserve. Now with MSNBC and CBS bowing to there demands, they will continue try two divide our country for their own gain. These two haters do not speak for any group of number and those in corporate America who initially retreated from supporting Imus, would have come back if MSNBC and CBS showed any guts. But political correction has taken it’s toll on our societies psyche and we can be manipulated by the lowest conmen denominator. Yes the thought police can’t be far behind. Zip up your government issued gray jump suit, eat your soylent green, and watch what you say!

Posted by jeffandmikeshow at 7:51 PM
Updated: Friday, 13 April 2007 7:54 PM
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Saturday, 19 August 2006
Downright Insane


Here’s a guest column from true American: Charlie Daniels: enjoy!


Downright Insane
If you found a nest of rattlesnakes in the back yard under your childrens swing set would you just kill half of them and let the rest live? If you found an unexploded stick of dynamite in your dresser drawer would you just put a couple of pairs of socks over it and let it stay there? If you found a loaded gun in your baby's toy box would you take half the bullets out of it and put it back?
Sounds downright insane doesn't it? Well that¹s just about how much sense as the cease-fire in Lebanon makes.
No matter what you read in the New York Times or see on CNN
about the war in Lebanon being a victory for the Arab community, you better know that if Hezbollah didn't have their backs to the wall they would never have agreed to a cease-fire. If they had had the slightest chance to win the war they never would have stopped fighting for any reason.
They are committed to the destruction of Israel and the only reason they agreed to stop fighting in Lebanon is to lick their wounds and rearm. International pressure means nothing to them, the deaths of innocent Lebanese citizens means nothing to them.
This is a strategic move pure and simple. About the first thing Israel did was cut off their supply lines and now they'll be open again. More rockets, more long-range missiles and more munitions can be moved into the area and there is no way that a handful of troops are going to prevent it.
The world has pressured Israel to stop fighting just when they started making some real headway. Now they are soon going to face the same enemy again, freshly rearmed and ready to take another shot at destroying them.
America and Israel would be better off if somebody would take a giant bull dozer and push the United Nations building into the East River, revoke the diplomatic visas of the delegates and just call the whole thing a bad international experiment.
First of all, there is nothing united about the United Nations except their united dislike if not hate for America and Israel and still we host this impotent organization and foot most of the bills.
Don't get me wrong, I want peace as much as anybody but letting a deadly enemy off the hook is not the way to achieve it. This is not over by a long shot. It will begin again soon. You can bet on it and when it does it will likely expand this time and very possibly include Syria and Iran. And when that happens you can look for the Middle East to explode.
Does anybody in their right mind actually think that the Lebanese army has the will or the ability to force Hezbollah out of Lebanon?
Does anybody actually believe that this is anything but a lull in the battle, a temporary halt to what will continue until the last page of human history is written?
I guess we're going to find out, aren't we?
Pray for our troops and pray for the peace of Jerusalem
What do you think?
God Bless America
Charlie Daniels
August 18, 2006


Posted by jeffandmikeshow at 7:29 AM
Updated: Saturday, 19 August 2006 7:32 AM
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Sunday, 4 June 2006
Thanks for the support Uncle Sam...
If we do not learn from the past we are bound to relive the same mistakes. We have all heard a variation on that theme before. But here we are watching deja vu all over again. It has been a disgrace to watch how our military has been handicapped in Iraq. We ask our brave men and women in the armed forces to be willing to lay down their lives in protecting our country and our way of life. Yes, a job that requires one to be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. They should get nothing less that 100% support from our government and the people of this country who they are willing to die for (that includes all the traders at CNN). But we are seeing a very different picture with effort in Iraq. The so called Haditha massacre is case in point. Our Marines are being tried in the media for cold blooded murder before all the facts are in and they had their turn to defend themselves. Worst of all our politicians including our President have come out saying that any guilty parties in this event will be punished. How about giving them the benefit of the doubt and say, “I will not comment until we know all the facts”! Where’s the support and belief in our well trained soldiers?! A dog handler who served twelve and a half years in the Marines was found guilty of charges based upon the fact that he let his guard dog bark in the face of an terrorist prisoner at Abu Ghraib. For being “mean” to this terrorist this Marine may be locked up for three and a half years behind bars. Thanks for the support Uncle Sam! A country should never go to war if it is not willing to do what has to be done to win at any cost. In WW2 we dropped two A-bombs on Japan and truly massacred countless innocent lives. That was total commitment to win against the enemy at any cost when it was called for. And yes, we changed the world into a better place and changed an enemy into an eventual ally. I truly hate to say it but our military strategy in Iraq looks allot more like what we where doing in Vietnam then what we did in Japan. If the Marines in Haditha did really lose it and kill innocent men, women, and children, it was because of the frustration that they have to deal with daily being hung out to dry by their own government. They should not be held accountable but it’s our government officials as well as the higher ups in the pentagon that should be found culpable for sending our soldiers in to Iraq to be killed without the ability to ever truly defeat the enemy. And yes, we have heard of all the wonderful positive humanitarian things our troops have done for the Iraqi people but we are dealing with a very different mindset when dealing with the middle eastern Islamic. I have no doubt that if al Qaeda set off a nuke in New York City or Washington DC and killed Millions of innocent Americans, that very day the Iraqi men, women, and children would be dancing in the streets and singing praise to Allah. It seems that there is no one in our government that truly understands the mindset of these people. We can never be nice enough to them to make them our friends. For now, stop the madness and bring our troops home. Will our effort in Iraq be viewed a failure? Of course, but it will only become a bigger failure the longer we stay. Bring the boys home and start training highly specialized hit squads to covertly go in to enemy countries (and that includes Pakistan) without permission or notice to these countries and lets start bumping off the leadership of al Qaeda including Osama bin Laden.

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Monday, 15 May 2006
Why the borders will never be closed
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I’m not only a talk show host but a fan as well. You may hear some talk show hosts claim that they never listen to other talk shows but that’s a lie. They all listen to the competition, it’s truly an obsession.
I listen to a lot of talk shows and the hot topic has been immigration of course and my fellow conservative hosts have been in lock step about the need to close our border with Mexico. I agree, as most thinking Americans do. I’m not worried about people coming here to pick fruits and vegetables or mop floors. I’m concerned with the Islamics sending terrorists or nuclear weapons into our country. It may be closing the barn door after the horse got out but it should be done. I say should but it won’t be done until a catastrophic strike happens on US soil. Why? One word: Drugs! Our government has been complicit with the free flow of illegal drugs in our country. It’s been going on for years and they have no intention to stop it now. Most of the illegal drugs that come into this country come across the Mexican border. The sales of illegal drugs is the biggest money making business in this country bar none. Our elected officials will not truly close the border because such action will slow the free flow of illegal drugs into our nation. So, the reason why they want the “open” borders is for the free flow of drugs. 1. They want a drugged up nation that doesn’t care about what they are going in DC. 2. There’s soooo much money involved they are all getting their pockets lined with the stuff. 3. If they don’t play ball with the powerful and ruthless drug cartels they will be a target, politically or with a barrel of a gun. Say, who else will lay down the brutal truth about this?! So all the bluster we hear from our politicians about securing our borders is a bunch of bull and they know it. They’re simply telling us what we want to hear to get our vote. More business as usual. But folks remember it is better to deal with the truth then to play make believe.

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